Being Individualistic – My Views

I was advised by one of my friendly blogger in my yesterday’s post that being individualistic doesn’t help me. Even though I appreciate his choice to comment, I strongly stand in my view to be individualistic and solo as this is my choice. I am writing about the positive sides of “being individualistic” from own experiences and also what I observed until my life today.

From my very small age, I have heard my grandmothers, parents, relatives all saying I have my own stand in everything. Certain things they accepted and certain things they disagreed and tried changing me as they found my choices weren’t right. Being a child, most times I hear them as they advised me lovingly and also I don’t have the knowledge or strength to question them back.

As I aged, I found I am not following the crowd and likes to spend time in silence and solo even though I had friends and loved them. Still I have friends and with very few people I spent hours talking while with some others I stay silent as there weren’t any common interest between us to talk and just have hi, how are you like conversation only. I also am quite quick in decision making and value honesty, punctuality, privacy and doesn’t like gossiping.

Being solo and silent helped me to observe more, love nature, had the courage to travel alone, try different foods and culture, spent time in few arts, learn out of my studied subject etc. I don’t question others’ freedom and also frankly don’t like anyone questioning my freedom even if it is an elder. I won’t react to them most times by staying silent and do what I like and only if it is really to be reacted, I react in decent and strong words and some take it positively while some take it negatively. Well, that’s their choice.

Being solo and observing helped me find hypocrites among friend circle who supports a cause in public while when it comes to own life and dear ones, they react in completely different way, especially when it comes to matter regarding the opposite gender. My friend circle includes people from different countries and people of different age and people from different walks of life. Some are as small as 3 years while some are as old as 90. They consider me as their age and shows interest to share their matters and even secrets with me than to their parents and their wives/husbands and children because they know I don’t judge them and I listen them and when needed give support and motivation. They trust me and I won’t break it.

Only very very rarely I felt loneliness in life and that will be like just few minutes and then I get engaged with some chore and involve in it fully.

Being solo helped me to study a little of spiritual books, practice few things, and understand and experience certain things without any distraction which is very important in the starting phases of a seeker of truth. Right now, I am not interest in monkhood and like to work and earn a living and spent it consciously and get dressed in coloured clothes. I am not bothered about liberation or having another birth right now for I am involved in few material things as I find change and support from spiritual knowledge is much necessary in today’s time. I have some likes and dislikes and still have body consciousness.

Another thing I experienced as a recluse is we don’t always need spoken language to communicate. My language knowledge limits to Malayalam, English, Tamil, some Sanskrit and little Hindi. I can understand Hindi, but communicating in Hindi is difficult than Sanskrit. But during my travels, I encountered Urdu people, Tulu people, Kannada people, Telgu people, Odiya people, Bengali people etc. who doesn’t know English, the common language. Some talk to me in their language and with their facial expression and body language I make guess and answer them in smile or with some water or money or food. They were very natural people and so most times my guess of understanding their communication will be correct. This also happens with animals, butterflies, plants, ants too. They communicate in their own way when they need food, feel hurt, need protection etc. and I do whatever I can at that moment.

If I were following the crowd and having friends and busy with them, I would have missed all this and my life and experiences will be different. If you doesn’t experience certain thing doesn’t mean such an experience could not happen to another person. Some name in ESP, some call psychic, some call intuition which works when mind is silent and clear of all thoughts and can be experienced by anyone.

Being solo or being in company is your choice and it naturally occurs with you as it depends more on your psychological makeup and each one is unique in it. No one is superior or inferior. You can’t tell fire to show the property of water and water to show the property of fire. Both have their own value and importance and cannot replace the other as they are unique πŸ™‚


19 thoughts on “Being Individualistic – My Views

  1. Do what makes you feel good. Others advice doesn’t fetch you results. Have a look at my today’s post. I wrote with caption lessons in response to your recent post. Stay happy smiling with your choices always. Nothing about compromising. Cheers.

  2. Dearest Krishna, be at peace. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’ž You are doing exactly what we are meant to do, discovering your true Self, for it is only in Self discovery that we can come to know and understand God.

  3. Krishna Ji πŸ™
    Just now I have gone through your views on yesterday’s comment of your blogger friend.
    Most of your views, life experiences etc are very similar to of mine. Without elaborating similarities, this much I must say that I had to take a solo path in the field of studies and practice of meditation. Because others are not interested in these fields.
    As such I find difficulties to cope up with family, friends and society.
    Though I managing balance, but I am compromising with my inner wishes to know more and more of Spirituality and Science.
    I have my family so I have obligations too.
    However in my view your individuality has to be given prime importance to grow in inner space.
    I do agree to all your points. I have some road blocks.
    Let’s see what is next!!
    Thank you so much for sharing your views in this world of Blog.
    Here we learn more about life. You are very honest and sincere in your views. I could learn something from you. Got some power. Thank you 😊
    Regards πŸ˜ŠπŸ™

    1. Thank you dear Arunji πŸ˜ŠπŸ™β€οΈ Like we discussed yesterday, it may be Almighty’s plan for us to face certain difficulties in life to know the truth. If we were blessed with a well-to-do life with a different mindset, we wouldn’t have developed a taste for spirituality and study scriptures. I am highly impressed by your writing of 10 Upanishads. I have learnt a few only. That too, I and sister were the only women in my family to study a little of Yajurveda and Upanishads through the help of Sathya Sai Seva Samithi. Growing up, my sister was more into education, career and family life while I was more into spirituality along with my education and career. I was being laughed at by friends of my age saying it is time to enjoy life and think of spirituality only after I turn 70. But my upbringing and family and some people I met accidentally influenced me more. After I got support and inspiration from my mentor Rajesh Touchriver, I learnt some Sanskrit through Samskrita Bharati and then gone to Mathur, the Sanskrit Village of India and stayed there for one month. He guided me to travel and learn from people without any discrimination. I am learning each day through experiences and also through like-minded people like you. All Almighty’s plan Arunji. May that divine presence in our hearts guide us forward and help us persist in the path of truth whatever happen in our lives.

      1. Thank you, Krishna Ji, for your elaborated reply. I understand that by the grace of Almighty, you have got guidance from your mentor Rajesh Ji. Moreover, Satya Saibaba Samithi also extended necessary support to you. It is all His grace. knowing Sanskrit language is essential and that you might have acquired through Sanskrit Bharati. Staying over a month to acquire some knowledge is a great effort. I could not do except but some online courses and self-study with great difficulties. like creating roadblock in house. However, my intense desire to know the Truth is my strength.
        As you said people are not interested in knowing the Vidya, they are all behind Avidya. People know Avidya as Vidya only.
        Katha Upanishad is a great one. The story of Yama-Nachiketa has taught me the reality. As you know “Prasthana Traya” [consists of three Texts: 1) 10 Principal Upanishads, 2) Bhagvad Gita and 3) Brahma sutra.] is very important to know Advaita Vedanta Darshana. Once you start studying, automatically you will be guided by Invisible Mentor(s). It is all but One.
        You have rightly said that divine presence in our hearts will guide us forward. We need only intense desire to get enlightened.
        SRAVANA, MANANA AND NIDHIDHYASANA, these 3 stages are required. Mentor will automatically appear before us.
        Through your lines, I am inspired.
        Take care always.
        Stay blessed always.

  4. Yes Arunji πŸ˜ŠπŸ™ I also follow Shankaracharya, Ramanujacharya, Ramana Maharshi, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa writings about Advaitha, Vishishadvaitha too along with Bhagavad Gita, Srimad Bhagavad, Ashtavakra Gita, Yoga Vasishta, Avadoota Gita, etc. where Veda and Upanishads’ teachings are explained more elaborately.

  5. Beautiful, dearest Krishna, You are SOOOO LOVELY and PERFECT exactly the way You Are!!! You’re a delight, a gorgeous song of Life, and a unique, DIVINE, shimmering thread in this wild, vast tapestry of Being. I’m sending You HUGE hugs and oceans full of Love!!! πŸ€—β€οΈπŸ’πŸ¬πŸ™πŸΌπŸ¦‹πŸŒ»πŸ’•πŸ˜Š

  6. Dude, this is not the individualism that I refered about in your previous post. Here you are mainly talking about the pros of well ‘being an introvert’ or something like that. I believe you haven’t understood what I meant about you being individualistic.

    1. Then please explain what you meant by “Being Individualistic”. In my understanding “individualistic” is like free thinking, a person having their own opinion and stand in everything and not interested to follow the crowd. I am open and happy to understand your viewpoints about what individualism means.

  7. This is my personal view, but I found that many words are common in Hindi, Bangla, Kannada, Telugu. Perhaps Sanskrit language is the mother of all Indian languages.

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