You are the temple where the light resides

A beautiful writing by our dear Susana. I am reblogging this Susana ❤️🙏

Susana Cabaço

You are the temple where the light resides. An itinerant beacon delivering light wherever you go/are. Whether you are aware of it or not, your presence illuminates your surroundings and many souls around. Your light calls them to the day, ignites their own sun, and makes them shine. Therefore, stand more on your power, hold more of your truth, shine more of your light. Nothing else is more needed at this time than the light of your being – the original nature of your divine spark. In beingness, the essence and presence of divinity persists, transmites and highlights all Existence (much beyond your human self can realise). Thus regain your natural lightness of being and your natural light of beingness, and shine it through your presence and life.

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Ego – Worldly Life

Hidden in our consciousness,
Ego self is awaiting to rise up at any moment
For worldly living it is needed up to an extent
Yet, in spiritual life, it is to be found
And to be dealt with wisely
As we hold a householder’s life in a tricky world,
Ego self has its use different times
Use the wisdom to observe its rise,
Take the control and decide,
Whether it’s needed at a particular moment
Be the master of own self and live wisely

Superstitions, Spiritualism and Religion

Yesterday, a shocking news came out that two women were brutally killed in the name of human sacrifice for a middle aged couple for their prosperity. Those women were killed by the couple and another person who made the couple believe that by doing human sacrifice, they will get prosperity. The couples were massage therapists and lots of patients were visiting them and their neighbours didn’t feel anything doubtful about them. Only through further investigation, we would be able to know any other killings happened.

There is a narrow line between religion, spirituality and superstitions. Unless one is not careful about their own belief systems, one will fall into many illusions. Academic education won’t help. I personally know few people with high academic knowledge, yet doing some form of witchcraft for their personal gains. They believe in superstitions and their academic knowledge is not helping them to clear them out of the illusions.

In every religion, there is good and bad which has been followed over the years. If one is not approaching religion with wisdom and follow religion blindly, then he/she will easily fall into many superstitions which are just illusions. So is the case of spirituality. Parapsychology, tantra, kundalini yoga, etc. have to be dealt carefully, else it will ruin a person and will harm others too.

Goal of spirituality is to revive oneself out of illusive knowledge and help to realise oneself and attain liberation. Many use spirituality as a way of fulfilling their various desires and sometimes do senseless things. Real spiritual masters help people to come out of superstitions and help them gain self knowledge, while wicked masters make lots of disciples and put people into more superstitions. Even highly educated people fall into their attractive and manipulative talks.

It’s always good for you to do an introspection to see whether you are believing in any superstitions and find out what they are and try coming out of it. Sometimes, it was part of your belief system which you have been living with over the years. If it doesn’t cause you or any others harm, it’s up to you to follow it or give up, but if you find those beliefs are backed up by fear of some sort, come out of it with all means. Take the help of a good psychologist and come out of your illusive beliefs.

There is no shortcut to wealth. Work wisely and honestly and gain what you need without getting greedy. Power, wealth, youthfulness, health are temporary. If someone approaches you with some type of mantras, rituals, methods to help you gain money, power or a way to fulfill your carnal desires, have the wisdom to stay away from such people and such things.

India is a land of spirituality and many people around the world come here to learn yoga, tantra, Ayurveda, martial arts, spirituality etc. But, be careful with whom you approach for learning. Do keep in mind the dark sides of tantra, kundalini meditation, certain rituals etc. while you learn and practice them. Many masters are here to teach you these and trick you and attract you with their speech and manipulative ways.

Dance of White Butterflies 🦋

Lovely little white beauties flying around me

Happily dancing sharing their joy

Cool October wind gently touching spinach and yam leaves

A black little bug is resting on a red spinach leaf

Birds singing and flying up high

White cottony clouds floating on blue sky

What a beautiful sunny day today 😇🌄