Let Thy Will Happen

Unavoidable comes more earlier than expected

Father like Sun is helpless

Mother like Moon is helpless too

Dark is the sky,

I took a breath and looked up

Saw him there bright and clear

A little star blinked near him and told me it’s ok

Guru like Jupiter is here

Staying strong unaffected by the clouds of emotions

Reminding me to stay strong and differentiate permanent from impermanent

Since this body is of the nature, let she play her role

Surrendering to her with a calm mind,

With the strength from eternal guru, the soul within and Jupiter up above

Let thy will happen 🙏😊

Reflections Hide the Truth

Unless you understand me,

You may see me as cold hearted

Unless you understand me,

You may feel me as wrathful

Unless you understand me,

You may take me as a perfectionist

They are just reflections

If you want to understand me,

Approach me with pure love


Entreaty to Lady of Justice

Veiling both eyes to show her love towards husband Dhritarashtra,
Mother Gandhari remained blindfolded
Her heart too got blind
She failed to sense her 100 sons walking away from morals
Karma punished her through their deaths
If she removed the veil from her eyes and heart,
She could have saved at least a few
Her stubbornness to follow her blind husband,
And unnatural ways of having children resulted in destruction

Lady of Justice, throw away the veil
Crimes are increasing
Intelligent lawyers finding loopholes and saving culprits
It is high time for you to open eyes, heart and ears
And rewrite the laws for changing times
If you remain stubborn like mother Gandhari,
Your ears will hear the cries of many millions