Entreaty to Lady of Justice

Veiling both eyes to show her love towards husband Dhritarashtra,
Mother Gandhari remained blindfolded
Her heart too got blind
She failed to sense her 100 sons walking away from morals
Karma punished her through their deaths
If she removed the veil from her eyes and heart,
She could have saved at least a few
Her stubbornness to follow her blind husband,
And unnatural ways of having children resulted in destruction

Lady of Justice, throw away the veil
Crimes are increasing
Intelligent lawyers finding loopholes and saving culprits
It is high time for you to open eyes, heart and ears
And rewrite the laws for changing times
If you remain stubborn like mother Gandhari,
Your ears will hear the cries of many millions


29 thoughts on “Entreaty to Lady of Justice

      1. Parliament won’t do anything. This is just a symbolic comparison looking the blindfolded Lady of Justice from one dimension.

      1. Absolutely, beautiful Krishna. And I’m fine, Thank You. I get a little world-weary now and then. Don’t feel like painting and get kindof quiet. But it gets boring after a while and the Muse visits me again! 🤣 How are You? 💖

    1. Thank you dear Jaja 😊💖🙏 In my country many laws are outdated. Only very few amendments are coming. Not all are serious about it. Reading and hearing injustice every day, I thought of writing this down in a symbolic way.

    1. Thank you dear Chiru 😊🤗💕🙏 I am doing good, but feels much concerned on seeing increase in crime recently especially in Kerala, lovers killing, women killing lover/spouse etc., man killing lover/spouse, kids, etc. How about you?

      1. I am on and off with social media and personal life Krishna.. Yes its miserable to see n hear such news.. I feel the current generation can’t handle the pressure and control over their anger.. There should be harsh sentence to these crimes…

  1. I like this episode of Mahabharata very much
    , there is a book in Hindi called Andha Yug. In that, book today’s time has been explained under this situation.

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