Bid Adieu 2022

With sweet sips of homemade sweet wine,

Happily am I bidding 2022 adieu

With “I am” constant and every other things changing,

I the timeless wishing good bye to illusive numerical of a year

Wishing all beings best of everything and abundance of bliss each moment 😊💕💕💕

I am as Elements

Depending on whom I interact with,

I am Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space

With little kids and old,

I am patient and loving Earth

With light-hearted ones and innocents,

I am cool and gentle Water

To those in need of emotional support and love,

I am the fast moving ever present Air

To the crooked and tricky ones,

I am the fiercely Fire

To the calm and compassionate ones,

I am the all pervading Space

I am in everything

Everything in I am


Wished to meet Ranganatha

With immense love,

Ranganatha manifested as ever present in *Antharanga

What a joy

What a peace😊🙏💕

*Antharanga = Within heart

Cleansing the Heart

How fool I am when I judge you?
Am I superior and all knowing?
Why I try to satisfy the illusive ego which is never mine?
No, no, never am I happy to forget the divine being we are
It is only my ignorance and conditioning
Let me be free of it my dear,
And see the depths of your heart and the light in you
Dissolving the separateness of you and me
Let me cleanse the heart out of ego every time I feel to judge you,
And learn to be more humble and compassionate

From Ayyappa’s Heart

Dear elders and parents,

With all love and respect to Ayyappa devotees and much love to little children, let me tell you few things. I am humbly requesting you to read this from a child’s perspective and from the perspective of Ayyappa who is a teenage child too.

Few days back, I read a news in newspaper about a 1-1/2 year kid and her father who came to Sabarimala to meet Ayyappa and do prayers. Due to big rush, it took much time for them to reach the main abode of Ayyappa. Little one was too tired without food and milk. Father was helpless as he was in que and didn’t get chance to feed the kid.

Father with his devotion to Ayyappa and love towards kid went through dilemma and the devotion one. I am not criticizing this father because I can feel the pure devotion. I love children a lot and I can easily communicate with children and understand them, so I would like to say from kid’s part here.

The little 1-1/2 year kid is too young and for her milk or any food, warmth of love from parents, calm environment to sleep and happy environment to play is important. For her food and sleep are God. Devotion grows within her along with meeting her primary needs.

Now, let me write from Ayyappa’s part. Ayyappa is a teenage Brahmachari kid. He loves children a lot. He is a Brahmajnani and Brahmachari. The word celibacy is not enough to explain a Brahmajnani and Brahmachari. And to all of your knowledge, Ayyappa’s Brahmacharyam is so powerful and won’t get affected by the sight of a young girl or woman. That’s a different subject and we can talk about that later.

As a Brahmajnani, Ayyappa gives his message, the Mahavakya – “Tad Twam Asi” – That You Are – meaning That which you worship as God is You. Strict 41 days of fasting, simple living and celibacy helps one to clear the mind from all distractions and climbing the hills of Sabarimala and stepping up the 18 golden steps to reach the main abode of Ayyappa makes one realise this truth by the grace of Ayyappa, the one who resides in all hearts as living force.

For such a lovely, strong, child-like pure Ayyappa, children are very dear. When a little one climb hills and walk without footwear, Ayyappa’s heart melts and it hurts him too. When a child is hungry and thirsty and tired, Ayyappa too feel the same. He does not want very small children to take strict fasting like bigger children and adults. He doesn’t wish a little kid to stay hungry and tired and wait in long que to meet him. He himself is in the kid or kid himself or herself is Ayyappa.

Dear elders and parents, please please understand this and take only children above 7 years to Sabarimala. That too after asking child and only if he or she is okay for it. Also do carry some snacks and water/milk along in a small bag for kids. There is nothing wrong in it. Ayyappa never wish a kid to suffer. Adults too can carry small snacks and water and share it with tired and hungry kids when you see one.

Ayyappa is looking for the purity of your heart and love for all beings and he is a little kid and not a strict rule making adult like most of think. He is a loving kid and not an angry young man who gets angry if a kid doesn’t follow the “rules made by adults for the adults”

Know and experience Ayyappa with heart, not through intellect which makes unnecessary rules.

Thank you all,

Kid’s and Ayyappa’s friend – Krishna


How beautiful it is if we could speak,

But without uttering a word

Yet hearts speak

Moments of joy

Moments of love

Moments of peace

You and I dissolve in eternity….

Enjoy the Journey

Did I bring anything here while I came?


Am I able to make anything my own here?


Is here or there anything that I can say mine?


Am I able to take anything from here while I go?


Then what am I supposed to do here?

Just live the life

Enjoy the journey from I am to I am 😊🙏❤️

I am of the Lord’s

Oh Black Cobra, to whom you are hissing at?

To whom you are trying to bite and inject your poison to?

I am of Neelakanta, the ever powerful,

Who has drunk the Halahala poison like nectar while the whole universe watched in shiver

When I am of the lord’s whom should I fear 😊🙏