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  1. In all of Asia, there is no excuse or justification for dengue fever epidemics. In fact the known and proven cure has been scientifically proven in Asia. Search Sanath Hettige MD. We, living in Asian regions know the cures, so when will we organize and break the ‘sound barrier of silence’ that serves as a ‘cash cow’ to pharmaceutical manufacturers, institutional research NGOs, and the likes. Dengue fever is a good return on the invests that ride this ‘eternal’ disgrace. Thanksgiving has past, Christmas is coming — why not start the New Year Off right, by calling for ‘Regional People’s Dengue Fever Cure Forum’ in our Local or Central areas like SM Malls in Cebu City in the Philippines, or in other areas of Asia too. Why not strive to do this 01 January 2020 and see if we can get support from the malls like suggested here. Even local meetings in local meeting halls January 1.. the only reason dengue fever continues… again…. it is a cash cow that produces a high return on vested interested entities making a low investment….
    senior1938voice.com /NM

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