Yogashemam Vahamyaham 🙏😊

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अनन्याश्चिन्तयन्तो मां ये जना: पर्युपासते |
तेषां नित्याभियुक्तानां योगक्षेमं वहाम्यहम्

  • Bhagavath Gita 9.22

Ananyāśh chintayanto māṁ yeh janāḥ paryupāsate
Teṣhāṁ nityābhiyuktānāṁ yogakṣhemaṁ vahāmyaham

Those who always think of me and engage in exclusive devotion to me and whose minds are always absorbed in me, I always provide what they need and take care of them in every way.

In whatever religion you are in and your beliefs are, do prayers to god of your belief and do good to all beings as much as possible, and one form or another form, you can experience lord’s presence. Your needs will be taken care by lord. When you feel things go difficult for you, just think about God and wholeheartedly depend on lord, lord will take care of you in every way. This is the loving promise of God.

Om namo narayanaya 🙏😊

Om namah shivaya 🙏😊

Om namo dattatreyaya 🙏😊


In Divine Presence Always

“Matha cha Parvathi devi
Pita Devo Maheswara
Bandhava Siva Bhakta cha
Swadesho Bhuvanatrayam”

Meaning: As mother is Parvathi dev, father is Lord Maheshwara (Siva) and relatives are Siva devotees, three worlds are my homeland.

This is a famous sloka of Sankaracharya. As I relocated to Kochi from Trivandrum for new job, this sloka sprung up in my mind. I remembered the Bhagavan’s love and care to me in the form of different people wherever I go. The more and more I realise Bhagavan’s love, I could feel the divine presence everywhere. When my parents, sister and friends are very much concerned whenever I travel away from Trivandrum, I tell them bhagavan is always with me, I will be fine and safe.

When we realise and accept Bhagavan’s divine presence in the heart of all beings and everything and everywhere and trust in Lord, fear and tension disappear. With sound heart, we could walk through life. We can stay alert and get intusions about trouble and dangers in the way and through god’s grace overcome it.

Wishing you all a blessed day ahead 😊💐

Om namah sivaya Om namo narayanaya 🙏😊🌹

Mirror mirror 😊

Mirror mirror, I’m a mirror

I reflect everything coming in front

I don’t hold anything

If you see me similar to you,

Just realise I’m reflecting

You too reflect my dear

Watch, watch carefully

You too will find you are a mirror

Being the mirror, let’s stay in peace

Not holding anything in us

Let’s stay free 😊


My beloved, I know it’s impossible

Still, I wish to be on your side

Hearing your heart beats,

And gently rest on your heart

Our ways are different,

Yet few things match

We care for the ones who loves us

Aware of our duties,

We keep ourselves busy

For the happiness of the ones we care,

We hide our love in heart

Flowers, birds, stars, sky, moon, sun,

And dear butterflies know our love

They too keep this secret as they too know

We love and care each other and others too

In Search of Ganga ðŸ˜Š

Dear, oh my dear, where are you going?

Dear, oh dear, I’m searching for Ganga

Oh dear, looking for the purest water, you forgot something

Tell me dear, what did I forget?

Dear, you forgot your “self,” the purest easily available holy water

Oh dear, tell me more about my “self”

There’s only one self, there’s no mine or yours

We are that, that which shines within the heart

We are the purest of purest, holier water

All the pure waters exists here

Dive deep through the mind with breath

Remain as that

Just remain as that

It’s simple and easy, yet the simplicity and easiness make it feel complicated

Feelings of complications are to mind

Be compassionate towards mind

Guide it through steady deep gentle breath

Dive deep into the centre of heart

Remain as that

Dear, oh my dear, thank you for showing the Ganga within me

We are that, purest, blissful, effulgence

A Touching Tea Story

I got this real and touching story of tea from a friend. I felt goosebumps on reading this and thought of sharing with you all 😊

A big salute to the tea shop man’s son, our soldiers, teashop man and tea 😊🙏🇮🇳

CUP OF TEA A touching story A group of 15 soldiers led by a Major were on their way to the post in Himalayas where they would be deployed for the next 3 months.

The batch who would be relieved waited anxiously.

It was cold winter intermittent snowfall made the treacherous climb more difficult.

If someone could offer a cup of tea. .

the Major thought, knowing it was a futile wish..

They continued for an hour before they came across a dilapidated structure, which looked like a tea shop but locked. It was late in the night.

“No tea boys, bad luck”, said the Major. But he suggested all take some rest there as they have been walking for 3 hours.

“Sir, this is a tea shop and we can make tea… We will have to break the lock”, suggested one soldier.

The officer was in great dilemma to the unethical suggestion but the thought of a steaming cup of tea for the tired solders made him to give the permission.

They were in luck, the place had everything needed to make tea and also packets of biscuits.

The soldiers had tea biscuits and were ready for the remaining journey.

The major thought, they had broken open lock and had tea biscuits without the permission of the owner. They’re not a band of thieves but disciplined soldiers.

He took out a Rs1000/- note from his wallet, placed it on the counter, pressed under sugar container, so that the owner can see.

The officer was now relieved of his guilt.

He ordered to put the shutter down and proceed.

Three months passed, they continued to do gallantly in their works and were lucky not to loose anyone from the group in the intense insurgency situation.

It was time for another team to replace them.

Soon they were on their way back and stopped at the same tea shop which was open and owner was present in the shop.

The owner an old man with meager resources was very happy to greet 15 customers.

All of them had tea and biscuits.

They talked to the old man about his life and experience specially selling tea at such a remote place.

The old man had many stories to tell, replete with his faith in God.

“Oh, Baba, if God is there, why should He keep you in such poverty ?”, commented one of them.

“Do not say like that Sahib ! God actually is there, I got a proof.

3 months ago.”

“I was going through very tough times because my only son had been severely beaten by terrorist who wanted some information from him which he did not have.

I had closed my shop to take my son to hospital. Some medicines were to be purchased and I had no money.

No one would give

me loan for fear of the terrorists.

There was no hope, Sahib”.

“And that day Sahib, I prayed to God for help. And Sahib, God walked into my shop that day.”

“When I returned to my shop, I found lock broken,

I felt I was finished,

I lost whatever little I had.


then I saw that God had left Rs 1000/= under the sugar pot.

I can’t tell you Sahib what that money was worth that day.

God exists Sahib. He does.”

The faith in his eyes were unflinching.

Fifteen pairs of eyes met the eyes of the officer and read the order in his eyes clear and unambiguous, “Keep quiet”.

The officer got up and paid the bill.

He hugged the old man and said, “Yes Baba, I know God does exist.

And yes,

the tea was wonderful.”

The 15 pairs of eyes did not miss to notice the moisture building up in the eyes of their officer, a rare sight.

The truth is

Walking on the path of Truth and Compassion, “YOU” can be the messenger of GOD to anyone.

(a true story in Kupwara Sector- J&K)

In the Lap of Mother Nature ðŸ˜ŠðŸ‘¼â˜•ðŸŒ»

Last week was an amazing one with our field visit to Forbes, Tea Trade Association, Tea Auction centre, Tata Global Beverages, Tata Tetley factory, Tea gardens in Coonoor and nearby and the spectacular Tea Studio.

Welcome to Tea Gardens 😊
Bed of Tea Leaves
Breathing tea, fence can’t stop 😂
Red beauties
Vast and pure affected not by moving clouds 👼
Fragrant beauty 😊
Elephant: Hi, sweetheart 😜
Teas and Trees
Tea tasting at Tea Studio

With the wonderful start, I say joyfully,

Miles and miles to go with Tea

Among the gardens, hills, villages, and cities

Enjoying the warmth energy of tea 😊☕

Illusions by Mind

Positive energy and negative energy are just illusions created by the mind. Relaxing and focusing within and feeling the energy oneself, negativity and positivity will disappear. Just be gentle, don’t push hard, accept the irritation felt in body and breath when facing a difficult situation, person, or places. No need to resist, just watch, experience it and turn attention within the heart slowly, slowly, gently with deep mindful breathing. That particular difficulty is a beautiful opportunity to experience the self, use it wisely. Bath in the blissful water of self. Bathe in the effulgence of self. Enjoy the bliss. It is here in the heart, it’s experienced in this moment. It’s the source of all energies. It’s the light of all lights. It’s me, it’s you. We all are it, it only….. feel it, enjoy it, be it dear ones 😊

Enjoy the soulful music….