Let Not The Fear of Nakedness Limit You :-)

I love traveling solo and enjoy things in my own way, sometimes in silence while sometimes joining a group which welcomes me. In my journeys, I met lots of beautiful people and learnt many things. Traveling solo made me more open, fearless up to an extend to raise the voice whenever needed, use the brain and heart equally and so on.

When I describe my solo travel experiences, few of the people among friends, family and also strangers whom I met during the travel try their ways to convince me to believe I am a woman and I have to care a lot while traveling alone. I accept the care behind their voice while I respectfully smile off the fear and limitation they are trying to inflict on me.

When hearing about staying in a hotel alone, even my own sister and best friend used to tell me to check cameras in the room. I really haven’t found any cameras in the rooms I stayed yet and I don’t believe if someone have to put a hidden camera, most of them have the intelligence to hide it well away from my eyes 😉 When I think of hidden camera which tries to catch my nudity, I laugh. What is really in my nakedness? Do I have any extra organs than that of the mother, sister, daughter, or the wife of the one who put the camera to catch my nudity? Are my organs made of anything special other than flesh, fat, and blood? 🙂 Do the person who enjoys the nakedness of other women feel the same pleasure on seeing the nakedness of his own mother, sister or daughter; do it arouse his genitals?

Sorry, I can’t fear hidden cameras and keep myself shut inside my home? I don’t fear my nakedness. This doesn’t mean I cover my body with less clothes and expose my skin to public nor I cover myself fully in clothes with only eyes exposed. I wear what is comfortable for me according to the climate of the place I am in and I also take care to dress up according to the place and people there.

I would like to say do not fear your nakedness. Do not limit yourself fearing the exposure of your nakedness through hidden cameras. All of our organs are made of same flesh, fat, and blood. Size and color of our organs differ, but composition is same only. The more we fear our nakedness, the more fear we create among our children, our friends, our sisters and we limit them. Dear brothers, uncles, male friends, you too please listen. Do not create fear of exposure of nakedness among your children, spouse, sisters, and friends. ACCEPT NAKEDNESS. Nakedness has divineness, it has purity, it has power. Digambaras of Jainism, Akhoris of Shaivism, Naga sanyasis are the best examples. Realise the truth and be free. Be strong and use common sense in daily life. When you see someone being blackmailed in the name of nudity, stand with them and give them courage to take the help of law. BE STRONG IN YOUR OWN SKIN. YOU WON’T LOSS ANYTHING THROUGH YOUR NAKEDNESS UNLESS YOU YOURSELF BELIEVE SO.

Naree Sthanabhara Nabheedesam
Drushtvaa Maaga Mohaavesam
Ethan Mamsavasaadi Vikaram
Manasi Vichinthaya Vaaram Vaaram

-Bhajagovindam (Sankaracharya)

On seeing bigger weighty breasts and navel of women, do not fall into lusty delusion. They are just flesh, fat, etc. Think this again and again.

Note: This is for women too who gets unnecessarily and abnormally infatuated on seeing nudity of men and other women.


Eternal glowing light of Self 😊

When I contemplated upon my touch of death experience yesterday, it revealed to me the power of eternal glowing light of self. During the moment between unconsciousness and consciousness, I saw darkness even while my eyes closed. I also had seen some light in between. That too while eyes closed. It is through the light of self I saw the darkness and also the light, though both can’t stay together. Light can’t stand in front of darkness nor darkness in front of light, but the light of self/soul can illumine even darkness which no other light can. Even when the mind and body suffered for almost an hour, the self remained unaffected and stayed in background witnessing those events. Feels thankful to the accupuncture therapist now to give me a chance to experience this which I wouldn’t have experienced otherwise 😊

Touch of Death 😊

Had a not so beautiful near death experience through vasovagal syncope while getting accupuncture treatment. Got pricked at a vital point in neck and I blacked out. I experienced darkness in eyes, ears blocked, and I started fainting. Next thing I remember I am in bed, can hear some voices, but words were not clearly aubible. Something in me saying I am not in sleep, I am not dreaming. I could sense my body is trying to come up, but some hands are pulling me down and I heard like please lie down, don’t come up. At that time, I started gaining consciousness. Senior physiotherapist ma’m is calling my name asking me where am I. I am trying to tell I am in hospital, but my tongue isn’t moving, voice not coming out. Somehow I said clinic. I had difficulty catching breathe and I felt to breathe deeply and focus into the heart. I tried to calm myself down through breathe and I could open eyes. I tried to say water, but tongue wasn’t moving. Physiotherapist asked me do I need water. I said aah. I tried to come up, but I couldn’t keep head straight and she said me to lie down and not to get up. She gave me water, but I had difficulty swallowing it. She put a heatpad under my neck and asked me can she give me a toffee. I said Aah. She put a toffee on one side of my mouth and told me to be careful not to swallow. Luckily, the toffee was sticky and it stuck on my upper palate. I touched it with tongue and little by little, within few minutes, my tongue got some strength and I asked water. She gave me water to drink. I told her I am having difficulty to breathe. She folded my legs up and I could do deep breathing. I then told her I want to sit. She tried to lift me up to sitting position and I started falling back. She told me to lie down for some more time. After some time, she told me she is taking me to doctor. Can she put me in wheelchair. I said no, I will try to walk. She lift me up and I slowly came to sitting position. I could sit without falling and with her help, I stood up. She hold my hand and we walked few rooms away to my neurologist’s room. Doctor greeted me with a smile and I smiled back. He checked me up and took BP. It was low. He asked me, am I alright and I said I am fine, but having weakness and little difficulty with tongue to talk. He told me to put my tongue out and say Aah. I was able to do so. He said it will be ok soon, dnt worry. He told me not to worry, take rest. They put me on observation for some time and I called my father to take me home. Father came after some time and I reached home. Someone from clinic called father at night asking how is my condition and he said I am okay. They said to call if anything needed. Except some pain in hand and tiredness, I was absolutely fine, talked with my friend and I slept. Today morning, I talked with my Tai chi master to confirm my doubt regarding pricking at the vital point as I learnt some vital points on neck in self defence. He confirmed my doubt saying I am lucky to recover soon. Sometimes, in rare cases, during accupuncture, accidents happen and patient may get paralysis or die. Luckily, I recovered. My presence of mind to breathe deeply due to lord’s grace to calm the body and timely support of physiotherapists, hospital staffs and doctor there helped me to recover soon. I am still having some tiredness in body. Other than that, I am absolutely fine. It was the first touch of near death experience. Hoping for a nice death next time 😊😁

Krishna and Tulsi

On seeing sadness on Tulsi’s face,

Krishna asked, “My dearest, what happened?”

She looked at the face of her beloved,

Bowed her leafy head to his blue foot

“You know everything my lord,” said her

“Yes dear, I know and I want you to know that,

You don’t have to worry thinking about your purity

When a fishbone fell accidentally on you

Which is from a flying crow’s beak”

“But lord, it is a dead body” said sad Tulsi

“So, what my dear? Do you think it make you impure?”

“No, no my dear, your heart is always filled with me

You always think of me and recite my names

Don’t you know I am present in everything

It’s in wordly life, some things are categorised as pure and some as impure

But in both, I am present

In living and non-living, I am present

In dynamic and stationary, I am present

Nothing can make you impure other than your thoughts

Mind is illusion my dear, be wise

Do not get caught of strings of useless thoughts

You are not just a plant, you are me, myself

Me, your lord is above the norms of purity and impurity

I am the soul in all living beings and matter in the non living

Nothing can touch me, my dear

Being me, mine, my dearest, stop worrying”

Saying this, Krishna hugged the Tulsi plant

She is filled with limitless bliss in divine hug

Remember and Experience Just Now 😊

Before the idols of deity, we bow

Before the photos of deity, we bow

Before the elders, we bow

On hearing songs of almighty, we feel devotion

On hearing stories of almighty, we feel delighted

On hearing miracles of almighty, we experience goosebumps

My dear, do remember the one who feel so is us

My dear, do remember the one who experience that, it is us

My dear, the one inside our hearts and what we sense outside is the same

Appearance and sensations will be different, but deep inside, it’s that only

What we sense outside acts as a catalyst if we accept this truth

What all we sense outside which gives us peace and joy is that only

Try and experience yourself and be filled with limitless bliss

Experience it now, just now, in this very moment my dear

And at this moment, there is no you reading, there is no me written this, there is, there is, there is……..😊

Peace Begins With Us

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We all, from micro to macro beings share this beautiful planet. When we keenly observe a small plant, we can see lots of small creatures in it. It’s a habitat. Similar is with trees, soil, air, and water which are inhabited by lots of beings seen and unseen to human eyes. Selfishness of few mindless, heartless humans cause changes in the living habitats of all beings in earth. Over the last few years, we all in different parts of world are facing the impact of climatic variations.

Sad truth is we can’t stop earth’s reactions, we can’t predict earth’s reactions, we can’t predict disease outbreaks, but we can reduce the impact of climatic variations by mindful use of earth’s resources, using less plastics (plastic-free, it’s a funny drama – I will write about it soon), allowing rainwater to be absorbed by soil, not cutting trees, planting trees or at least plants and most importantly nourishing them not only on Environment Day. International Peace Day wishes to all. Let us be peaceful and compassionate towards ourselves and all beings in earth 🙂

Overcoming emotional turbulence 😊

Here is what I faced for the past three weeks:

From the second day of my joining, this person under whom I was working throw book in front of me to write notes which he dictates.

I am a newbie, open to learn, provided I am given correct instructions and time to learn. But, I can’t learn from a person who is harsh towards me on my doubts.

Per some people in company, he is a good person and this is his nature towards people under him and ones who are not very rich, and I have to hear it through one ear and give it off through other ear 😊

He is good enough to give me transportation on two days a week (thank you sir) where I have to sit in office in his freezy room in rainy days wondering what I could learn from seeing and hearing the phone calls he make for sales. He says I should learn from seeing and hearing. Okay I agree partially 😊

Per some people whom I talked to regarding his nature, told me to accept his egoistic nature and please him to work there (I wonder how).

Two weeks back, I got cold and cough and he told me I should stay away from him, else he catch my cold. I accepted it and kept a distance. My cold got better next day with few cups of dried ginger coffee. Next day, from other employees, I came to know he caught fever, vomiting and indigestion. He was leave for two days. Is it my mistake or almighty’s play?

One employee got a thrash on his hand for not remembering tea estate name with an aluminium tray which holds tea dust/leaves to compare tea appearance. The tray is light weight, but has sharp ends and he got a mark on his hand. It happened years back. The senior person reminds me every time in tea tasting room I will have the same experience if I make mistake in remembering tea estate name or not hold the tray properly (I can’t learn and focus in a fear inflicting environment). That employee didn’t react as he hardly needed the job.

I talked with management frankly about these as I feared I will get thrashed anytime and how I will react to it. They said me I should not take all these personally and leave happily. They paid me remuneration and I left for the good of me and company.

Except this particular person, all others were good to me. I have no hard feelings towards anyone or company. I am trying my best to overcome the emotional turbulence I faced due to this particular person.

Note: I respect the age of this person and his knowledge in tea. He is the best tea taster and is very important to company and tea industry. I am not saying his name or company’s name as I value them, their reputation and family. I can patiently forget this with time. Writing is my stress buster, so I am writing this down. Also, I want young people to know you may or may not face these type experiences in tea industry and it’s your choice to accept it and grow or react boldly and grow. Remember, we are citizens of independent India 😊

Tea and Non-Tea ☕🍵

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Most of you, tea lovers of the world, may be knowing the difference between tea and tisanes. And, for those who are wondering what a tisane is, let me say few words. Tisane is a French word, meaning herbal infusion. Tisanes are mostly herbal teas with herbs, flowers, fruits, or spices steeped in boiling water. They don’t have tea leaves in them. But, most of the people call these simply as teas. Don’t worry, I too called these teas before learning about tea.

Lemon Iced Tea
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Tea is the product of Camellia sinensis plant. Climate, soil pH, altitude, seasons, water quality, plant variety, plants and trees growing nearby, tea leaf plucking methods, and manufacturing processes influences the taste of tea. Numerous varieties of teas are thus available.

Butterfly pea flower tea
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Black tea, green tea, white tea, yellow tea, oolong, pu-errh tea are real teas made from Camellia sinensis plant. Masala tea, lemon tea, flavored green tea, Kashmiri Kahwa tea, etc. are real teas with natural or natural identical flavors added. Chammomile tea, peppermint tea, hibiscus tea, butterfly pea flower tea, rooibos tea etc. are non-teas or tisanes which doesn’t have any real tea in it. They are herbal infusions with health benefits.

Rooibos tea
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Enjoy your cup of tea and tisane understanding the difference. Cheers ☕🍵🍹 😊🤗