A NO is always NO

Before writing this, I thought multiple times, but I felt to write this. This is about a boy. I am not saying his name here. He liked my blog posts and I liked his blog posts back too and he contacted me and told me to collaborate for a poem and I wrote it. It was a romantic poem. Later he tried to become friends with me and emailed me and we started connecting through emails. Within a few days, I found few things inappropriate and I told him I am much older than him and tried to tell things calmly and in decent tone. Though he changed his way of mails, he still was creepy and I put his email as spam. Again, after few months, he is back and again mailed me to give him my Whatsapp number without any excuse. I felt it highly inappropriate. Why can’t people understand if someone is not interested to communicate with you to stay away from them? Respect other people’s space and privacy


I am in the innocents

I am in the cruels

I am in light

I am in dark

I am in silence

I am in hyperactivity

In society, I AM in all,

Yet, few choose the “I AM” beyond qualities

And remain as “I AM”

Till then, as I have mind and body consciousness,

I will react in human ways with motive of highest good

My reaction is like Jesus who got angry with unjustful merchants

My action is like Krishna who told Arjuna to fight for righteousness against his own relatives and teacher

Whatever it is, I AM is unaffected always

The mind and body playing a drama according to divine will

Few more things to say

At the end of night and beginning of new day, I would like to say few more words as a continuation of my previous post after discussing with friends in wordpress and other friends.

Our morals, our spirituality, our knowledge have to support the righteousness and should never never support crime. Punishment is not an evil. Haven’t we got punished as children by our parents and teachers. It is for correcting us, not with the motive to hurt us. When we view punishments from that point, it’s a method of correction and prevention of further crime. Like few of you suggested raising human consciousness is needed, true. I humbly suggest every method should be used to stop and prevent crime. Our spiritual/non-violent methods should never directly or indirectly support crime. We are not condemning a person out of revenge here. We are trying to stop and prevent the crime…

In certain cases, non-violence and counseling only doesn’t work. Such methods work for persons who feel remorseful about what he/she had done. For those who do cruel crimes, strong punishments should be given according to the level of cruelty they had done. Try to realize you can’t never change a Wolf to a rabbit (animal nature to pure satvic nature). We can wish everyone to be enlightened, pure, but we can’t expect. It’s all personal and unique. Even if we provide everything, only with personal effort, one can change.

Dear ones, please read, think, and share

This is a copy of the contents of the email I sent to Law and Justice Minister of India, The President of India, The Prime Minister of India, and Ministry of Women and Child Development of India about legalising Chemical Castration as a punishment for culprits of extreme cruel rape cases.

Disclaimer: I know some of you might disagree, it’s your choice, but think how will be your reaction if it happens to you or your dear ones.

Sub: Request: Need for Chemical Castration – Rape Culprits

Dear ma’m/sir,

I am an Indian woman who believes in the right of each living being to live a peaceful life irrespective of gender, religion, caste, political views, or financial background. I feel highly concerned about the increase in crimes against children and women in our country. Even though the State and Central Government try their best to catch the culprits, through many legal and political loopholes, these culprits escape. Many of these culprits are not getting the apt punishments which make other criminal-minded people repeat these types of extreme cruelty against children and women.

I am kindly requesting you to please take “Chemical Castration” into consideration as a punishment for culprits of rape cases especially if the rape results in permanent damage to physical organs of the victim or death of the victim. The culprit too should experience the same amount of pain that the victim experienced during the heinous crime.


Krishna Priya

Countries – Ohio, California, Illinois and Arkansas have legalised voluntary castration. Castration deprives the man not only just from control over his sex life, but also from his dignity and respect in the society. You may also read the following reaction of a convicted child sex offender about Chemical Castration. (I am not putting the name here).

L**** D*** M*** said “What is barbaric is what I have done to so many children; refusing to castrate me is barbaric to the children I will molest. [Chemical castration]… is considered ‘cruel and unusual punishment.’ But no punishment is crueller or more unusual than the pain I have caused my victims. Voluntary castration is not unconstitutional, but no state allows it.”

We are Light 😊

Beloved, you are the light
Though it appears, with time,
You waxes and wanes,
You are always full
Though there are clouds around
You shine effulgently
Let me bathe in your light
And realize we are one
Always one
We are light,
Always light
Light….. 🌝🌞

Just felt to write this…

Ramana Maharshi
Chandrasekhara Bharathi mahaswamigal
Chandrasekhara Saraswathi Mahaswamigal

Some gurus appear as very clean and in rich attire, some gurus appear in soiled little clothes. Some will be alone. Some will be seen in the middle of people. Just focus on their words and take what you need and practice. Do not waste time thinking about the personality or appearance of guru. They have different teachings for different people. Take what you need. Do your practice and experience the bliss yourself rather than looking into what the teaching brought to other people. Each people are unique, so are the teachings, so are the teaching interpretations. If you are hungry, you have to eat food to satisfy your hunger. Watching others eating won’t satisfy your hunger. Dive deep into yourself. Trust in guru, trust in the teaching. Wise people do not discard a diamond even if it fell in dirt. Think before you criticize a godly person 😊

Wise Use of Free Time

Do not fear free time and make yourself busy always. Free time is a moment which you have got to reflect. Just sit silent, doing nothing. Observe your breathing, gently intake breathe and exhale slowly. Breath observation helps you not to fall into the clutches of thoughts. Experience the restfulness and get refreshed 😊

Conversation between Sun and Moon 🌞🌝

Isn’t it a wonder Moon dear,
To think that what you seek for
Is outside of you?
Isn’t it a wonder to belittle the treasure
That which is always available for some papers, glass pieces, metals, and temporary position in life?
Yes, dear Sun, it’s true
In the cloudless night of stillness,
Let me found the light in me
Let me bathe in the sea of bliss
Thank you dear Sun,
For showing me where to search
And how to search

(Moon is mind and Sun is
Intellect (guru) here. Guru, like a torchlight show you the path clearly. It’s then completely your duty to travel through the path and reach the goal)

An Open Letter 😊

Dear parents and elders,
During this Covid time, our children are at home full time. Many are having difficult time not going out, see their friends, going to parks, going school, and missing their teachers. They see us only all the time, and many a time, we have to face their tantrums of various types. Try to be patient with them. They are children, they can only think and act like children and not like us, adults. You may think they are hyperactive. Hey, it is a child. Do you wish your child to be drowsy and sit at a place all the time silently? Do you wish your child to do only what pleases you? Come on, this is a child, not an adult. Ask your parents how was you as a child? Please understand children and think from their part. I’m not a parent, but I was a child many years back and I love children.
Thank u 😊 (writing on behalf of all children)