Eka Sloki by Sri Ramana Maharshi


“Hridaya Kuhara Madhye Kevalam BrahmaMaathram
Hyahamahamithi Saakshaath Aathma Rupena Bhathi
Hridi Visha Manasa Svam Chinvata Majjata Va
Pavanachalana Rodhat Aatmanishto Bhavathvam”
Meaning: In the cave of the heart, in the center, it is the one and only Brahman (absolute consciousness) which glorifies “I am, I am” in the form of Aatma (soul). Let the mind completely diveĀ inside in search of “self” OR by control of breath, bring the focus internally and become self-realized.

Interpretation: Eka sloki is a one stanza poem which represents the essence of complex big scriptures. This is a beautiful Eka sloki by Sri Ramana Maharshi which explains how simply one can attain self-realization. Living in a fast and busy world, it is quite natural that one’s focus often goes to outside world and one’s “self,” which is the center of being remains unattended. To live a satisfied life, one does everything from the very childhood till old age including studies, career, spouse, children, good financial status, assets, fame, etc. For attaining such, one constantly works hard and rarely very few enjoys the process of this attainment, and for the rest of the folks, the attainment of one possession gives satisfaction at the moment of attainment and their focus then goes to the attainment of next possession and also not to lose what have already attained. This results in stress and strain in life. Only very few understands it is only by self-realization, one attains complete satisfaction. Realization of self is purely internal and one needs to focus inside. Anyone can do this at any point in time if one desires sincerely.

Sri Ramana Maharshi, through this Eka sloki explains the center of the heart as the place of absolute consciousness – Brahman. Brahman resides in one in the form of soul and it constantly vibrates in the heart as “I am, I am.” This vibration is always there behind each feelings and emotions, but Only by bringing the focus internally, one can feel this vibration. One’s whose mind is already free of thoughts can easily bring the focus internally to the heart center and become self-realized. The one’s whose mind is constantly filled with thoughts need not worry, with the help of control of breath through pranayama, thought waves subside and mind can easily focus internally to the heart center.

In his “Atma Vidya Keerthanam,” Sri Ramana Maharshi motivates everyone through his words “Ayye athi sulabham, Atma Vidai ayye athi sulabham” – meaning “hey it is easily attainable, self-knowledge, hey it is easily attainable.”