Expand, explore, and move as it leads

Yet, be aware of presence

The delicate, gentle, pure presence

Until the mind dissolve completely,

It will follow the illusion even after knowing it’s illusion

It is okay, don’t worry

Just remember,

Breathe in and be aware of the eternal presence

And stay in the bliss of presence

Just be aware

Just be


Taichi with Wind

Wind welcomed me to do Taichi

Moon hiding behind clouds

Stars sleeping covered by clouds

Me and wind flowed together

Sleeping plants and trees opened their eyes to watch our flowing movements

Peace peace peace around 😊🤗


Listening to silence,

Could hear the vibrations of life force

Mind’s murmur abated

Flowing through life like a breeze

This is the peaceful flow of stillness

Silence is a harmless addiction

Presence in present is the only precious possession

Where the possessor too dissolves

Stillness remains

Blissful presence remains…