Take Care Dear Ones

This too will pass. Stay strong following the laws each state and country put forward. Use the above checklist and ask for help from health department officials of your place and follow their instructions. Please do not try self treatment which may worsen the health.

Let us all stand together, pray for the speedy recovery of all the affected ones and for the protection of all around the world. Stay strong through thoughts of good health, god’s grace, and use this time to experience the immortal divine presence in our hearts which is eternal.

It’s Me Only ;-)

Over these years, whom I loved most

Thinking and reciting that divine name

Imagining and experiencing the presence,

It’s me only,

Yeah, it’s me losing the individuality

No separateness here

And what I see is me only

And what I feel is me only

In each of you and all around,

Whom I love is me only

I feel your pain, happiness and all you feel

Because it is me only there I see 🙂