Mirror mirror 😊

Mirror mirror, I’m a mirror

I reflect everything coming in front

I don’t hold anything

If you see me similar to you,

Just realise I’m reflecting

You too reflect my dear

Watch, watch carefully

You too will find you are a mirror

Being the mirror, let’s stay in peace

Not holding anything in us

Let’s stay free 😊


My beloved, I know it’s impossible

Still, I wish to be on your side

Hearing your heart beats,

And gently rest on your heart

Our ways are different,

Yet few things match

We care for the ones who loves us

Aware of our duties,

We keep ourselves busy

For the happiness of the ones we care,

We hide our love in heart

Flowers, birds, stars, sky, moon, sun,

And dear butterflies know our love

They too keep this secret as they too know

We love and care each other and others too

In Search of Ganga 😊

Dear, oh my dear, where are you going?

Dear, oh dear, I’m searching for Ganga

Oh dear, looking for the purest water, you forgot something

Tell me dear, what did I forget?

Dear, you forgot your “self,” the purest easily available holy water

Oh dear, tell me more about my “self”

There’s only one self, there’s no mine or yours

We are that, that which shines within the heart

We are the purest of purest, holier water

All the pure waters exists here

Dive deep through the mind with breath

Remain as that

Just remain as that

It’s simple and easy, yet the simplicity and easiness make it feel complicated

Feelings of complications are to mind

Be compassionate towards mind

Guide it through steady deep gentle breath

Dive deep into the centre of heart

Remain as that

Dear, oh my dear, thank you for showing the Ganga within me

We are that, purest, blissful, effulgence