Sunshine again :)

A Ray of Sunlight: The Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you dear Miriam for nominating me for Sunshine Blogger Award 🤗❤️❤️❤️

Miriam has a beautiful blog where she writes about divine things. It is in German language and you can use Google Translate to read it if you don’t know German. You may check her blog:

Miriam’s questions for me:

  1. What do you enjoy?

Silence, nature, water, children, cartoons 🙂

2. How do you deal with fears – your own and those of those around you?

I chant mantras and sometimes give the same to people who believes in it to deal fears.

3. Whom or what is your greatest allegiance to?

My “self.”

4. What does the word grace mean to you?

No words are enough to describe grace. In simple words, grace is the unlimited divine love and care I experience wherever I am through all beings.

5. What is good for you when you feel down?

Being in solitude and silence.

6. If you have to cry in the presence of another person, what reaction do you want them to do?

Just allow me to cry and listen to what I have to say without judgment.

7. Which three books would you take with you to a desert island?

Yoga Vasishta, Ribhu Gita, and Srimad Bhagavatham. They were filled with wisdom and beautiful divine stories.

8. What gives you a feeling of security when you are alone?

The strong realization that I am immovable soul which is eternally pure, effulgent, and not bound and what all I see, hear, and feel are divine plays.

9. What do you want to open yourself to (even) more now and in the near future?

People of different cultures and religions.

10. What in you especially needs your love and how can you convey it to yourself?

Sometimes, I get stressed out when I am in the middle of lots of work, with groups of people, etc., and at that time, I need to love myself more and be gentle with me to slow myself down. I practice mindfulness and Qigong exercises to bring equilibrium.

11. What makes life worth living for you?

Even though I had gone through some sufferings in earlier life and made me emotionally vulnerable and reactive to certain things, I feel those sufferings opened a way to understand the divineness in myself and everything around and there are reasons behind all sufferings. It also helps me to empathize with the sufferings other people go through and give them emotional support. When I see someone breathe with a relief or smile because of me, I feel my life worthy.

A Small Talk About Tea and Coffee

More than a “Tea Lover and Coffee Lover,” I am a foodie with Microbiology background and 14 years of experience in Healthcare. Both of this groomed me to look into the minute level of each matter and also taught me how important is quality of a product and the need to make a product following ethics. Tea is a stimulant drink with caffeine and antioxidants. Coffee and Tea are entirely different stimulant drinks with unique taste, aroma, caffeine content, and energy which it give you after you drink it. While coffee give you an instant energy spurt, tea acts in your system slowly, yet steadily. Taste-wise, both are unique. I enjoy double shot espresso without sugar and subtle white tea. They are two extremes in taste, appearance, aroma, and energy.

One of my friend yesterday told me to write about tea. I like to say things frankly in front of everyone and I don’t care you agree with me or not. Black teas contain an average of 37 mg of caffeine, while some matcha teas contain close to 130 mg of caffeine whereas brewed coffee contain about 96 mg caffeine. Antioxidant content of tea also varies. White tea has more antioxidant content owing to its least processing where as black tea (CTC) contains less antioxidants. Those infusions with herbs or flower or fruits only and no Camellia sinensis (Scientific name of Tea) are called Tisanes and they are not real teas. According to the herb/flower/fruit used, antioxidant content, taste, and health benefits differ. Black, green, white, oolong, pu’erh teas are made from the same plant, yet their unique flavor are due to differences in how the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant are processed.

Drinking tea helps to improve immunity, improve metabolism, boost weight loss, diabetes, cancer, etc. Coffee too gives you the same benefit. Both are safe drinks to drink on a daily basis, but the number of cups you take and the time you take is very important. If you have sleep problem, better to avoid both tea and coffee after 6 pm. You can drink decaf tea/coffee after 6 pm or Tisanes like Chamomile, Butterfly pea flower, Rooibos etc. The next important thing is having tea/coffee along with your breakfast/lunch/snack affects calcium and iron absorption. If you are a vegan/vegetarian, you should take good care of the time you drink these beverages. Refer yourself to find this. Also it is medically advisable not to drink more than 5 cups of tea and coffee a day. The next important thing to tell you is try drinking real tea (Orthodox or CTC) and not the tea in teabag except those who sell good quality tea in tea bags. You may ask the help of a tea taster to know which all tea companies are selling quality teas in teabags. After all, it’s your money, it’s your health. So, spend some time over selecting the drink you drink daily. Take care….

A NO is always NO

Before writing this, I thought multiple times, but I felt to write this. This is about a boy. I am not saying his name here. He liked my blog posts and I liked his blog posts back too and he contacted me and told me to collaborate for a poem and I wrote it. It was a romantic poem. Later he tried to become friends with me and emailed me and we started connecting through emails. Within a few days, I found few things inappropriate and I told him I am much older than him and tried to tell things calmly and in decent tone. Though he changed his way of mails, he still was creepy and I put his email as spam. Again, after few months, he is back and again mailed me to give him my Whatsapp number without any excuse. I felt it highly inappropriate. Why can’t people understand if someone is not interested to communicate with you to stay away from them? Respect other people’s space and privacy


I am in the innocents

I am in the cruels

I am in light

I am in dark

I am in silence

I am in hyperactivity

In society, I AM in all,

Yet, few choose the “I AM” beyond qualities

And remain as “I AM”

Till then, as I have mind and body consciousness,

I will react in human ways with motive of highest good

My reaction is like Jesus who got angry with unjustful merchants

My action is like Krishna who told Arjuna to fight for righteousness against his own relatives and teacher

Whatever it is, I AM is unaffected always

The mind and body playing a drama according to divine will

Few more things to say

At the end of night and beginning of new day, I would like to say few more words as a continuation of my previous post after discussing with friends in wordpress and other friends.

Our morals, our spirituality, our knowledge have to support the righteousness and should never never support crime. Punishment is not an evil. Haven’t we got punished as children by our parents and teachers. It is for correcting us, not with the motive to hurt us. When we view punishments from that point, it’s a method of correction and prevention of further crime. Like few of you suggested raising human consciousness is needed, true. I humbly suggest every method should be used to stop and prevent crime. Our spiritual/non-violent methods should never directly or indirectly support crime. We are not condemning a person out of revenge here. We are trying to stop and prevent the crime…

In certain cases, non-violence and counseling only doesn’t work. Such methods work for persons who feel remorseful about what he/she had done. For those who do cruel crimes, strong punishments should be given according to the level of cruelty they had done. Try to realize you can’t never change a Wolf to a rabbit (animal nature to pure satvic nature). We can wish everyone to be enlightened, pure, but we can’t expect. It’s all personal and unique. Even if we provide everything, only with personal effort, one can change.

Dear ones, please read, think, and share

This is a copy of the contents of the email I sent to Law and Justice Minister of India, The President of India, The Prime Minister of India, and Ministry of Women and Child Development of India about legalising Chemical Castration as a punishment for culprits of extreme cruel rape cases.

Disclaimer: I know some of you might disagree, it’s your choice, but think how will be your reaction if it happens to you or your dear ones.

Sub: Request: Need for Chemical Castration – Rape Culprits

Dear ma’m/sir,

I am an Indian woman who believes in the right of each living being to live a peaceful life irrespective of gender, religion, caste, political views, or financial background. I feel highly concerned about the increase in crimes against children and women in our country. Even though the State and Central Government try their best to catch the culprits, through many legal and political loopholes, these culprits escape. Many of these culprits are not getting the apt punishments which make other criminal-minded people repeat these types of extreme cruelty against children and women.

I am kindly requesting you to please take “Chemical Castration” into consideration as a punishment for culprits of rape cases especially if the rape results in permanent damage to physical organs of the victim or death of the victim. The culprit too should experience the same amount of pain that the victim experienced during the heinous crime.


Krishna Priya

Countries – Ohio, California, Illinois and Arkansas have legalised voluntary castration. Castration deprives the man not only just from control over his sex life, but also from his dignity and respect in the society. You may also read the following reaction of a convicted child sex offender about Chemical Castration. (I am not putting the name here).

L**** D*** M*** said “What is barbaric is what I have done to so many children; refusing to castrate me is barbaric to the children I will molest. [Chemical castration]… is considered ‘cruel and unusual punishment.’ But no punishment is crueller or more unusual than the pain I have caused my victims. Voluntary castration is not unconstitutional, but no state allows it.”