A Help Request

My dear friends from all parts of world, here I am writing for my friend Nadeemji an old man from Islamabad, Pakistan. He is from a well-to-do family, but presently in a bad situation. He and his young daughter were forced to vacate their rented home which had 50,000 Pakistani Rupee a month as rent few months back and now it is increased to 1,00,000 Pakistani Rupee a month. They were looking for an affordable shelter for them in Islamabad.

If any of you are from Pakistan or you have friends in Pakistan, please help him. Please write to me and I can give you contact of Nadeemji.

Since India and Pakistan are enemies, I can’t directly do anything in this case even though I am so sad and concerned about Nadeemji and his daughter and wish I could help them.

Being Individualistic – My Views

I was advised by one of my friendly blogger in my yesterday’s post that being individualistic doesn’t help me. Even though I appreciate his choice to comment, I strongly stand in my view to be individualistic and solo as this is my choice. I am writing about the positive sides of “being individualistic” from own experiences and also what I observed until my life today.

From my very small age, I have heard my grandmothers, parents, relatives all saying I have my own stand in everything. Certain things they accepted and certain things they disagreed and tried changing me as they found my choices weren’t right. Being a child, most times I hear them as they advised me lovingly and also I don’t have the knowledge or strength to question them back.

As I aged, I found I am not following the crowd and likes to spend time in silence and solo even though I had friends and loved them. Still I have friends and with very few people I spent hours talking while with some others I stay silent as there weren’t any common interest between us to talk and just have hi, how are you like conversation only. I also am quite quick in decision making and value honesty, punctuality, privacy and doesn’t like gossiping.

Being solo and silent helped me to observe more, love nature, had the courage to travel alone, try different foods and culture, spent time in few arts, learn out of my studied subject etc. I don’t question others’ freedom and also frankly don’t like anyone questioning my freedom even if it is an elder. I won’t react to them most times by staying silent and do what I like and only if it is really to be reacted, I react in decent and strong words and some take it positively while some take it negatively. Well, that’s their choice.

Being solo and observing helped me find hypocrites among friend circle who supports a cause in public while when it comes to own life and dear ones, they react in completely different way, especially when it comes to matter regarding the opposite gender. My friend circle includes people from different countries and people of different age and people from different walks of life. Some are as small as 3 years while some are as old as 90. They consider me as their age and shows interest to share their matters and even secrets with me than to their parents and their wives/husbands and children because they know I don’t judge them and I listen them and when needed give support and motivation. They trust me and I won’t break it.

Only very very rarely I felt loneliness in life and that will be like just few minutes and then I get engaged with some chore and involve in it fully.

Being solo helped me to study a little of spiritual books, practice few things, and understand and experience certain things without any distraction which is very important in the starting phases of a seeker of truth. Right now, I am not interest in monkhood and like to work and earn a living and spent it consciously and get dressed in coloured clothes. I am not bothered about liberation or having another birth right now for I am involved in few material things as I find change and support from spiritual knowledge is much necessary in today’s time. I have some likes and dislikes and still have body consciousness.

Another thing I experienced as a recluse is we don’t always need spoken language to communicate. My language knowledge limits to Malayalam, English, Tamil, some Sanskrit and little Hindi. I can understand Hindi, but communicating in Hindi is difficult than Sanskrit. But during my travels, I encountered Urdu people, Tulu people, Kannada people, Telgu people, Odiya people, Bengali people etc. who doesn’t know English, the common language. Some talk to me in their language and with their facial expression and body language I make guess and answer them in smile or with some water or money or food. They were very natural people and so most times my guess of understanding their communication will be correct. This also happens with animals, butterflies, plants, ants too. They communicate in their own way when they need food, feel hurt, need protection etc. and I do whatever I can at that moment.

If I were following the crowd and having friends and busy with them, I would have missed all this and my life and experiences will be different. If you doesn’t experience certain thing doesn’t mean such an experience could not happen to another person. Some name in ESP, some call psychic, some call intuition which works when mind is silent and clear of all thoughts and can be experienced by anyone.

Being solo or being in company is your choice and it naturally occurs with you as it depends more on your psychological makeup and each one is unique in it. No one is superior or inferior. You can’t tell fire to show the property of water and water to show the property of fire. Both have their own value and importance and cannot replace the other as they are unique 🙂

Ill Effects of Born and Raised in Forward Caste

I am not saying my caste here because I am strongly against the evils of caste still silently prevailing in educated Kerala and in many parts of India.

Being born in this particular caste where men has more power over women and women has to forgive and suffer as she is conditioned to blindly believe that she has to be like goddess Lekshmi and has to forgive like goddess Bhoomi (earth). She is not supposed to have courage like goddess Durga and react. She is made to believe that she needs to learn to cook for the whole family without any complaint, need to keep the house clean to welcome goddess Lekshmi even if she is under ill health. She is supposed to tie her hair and shouldn’t cut her hair and nails on Fridays only and inside home. She shouldn’t go to prayer room if she is on her periods. She is supposed to take fasting on certain days for the good health and long life of husband or to get a good husband. After getting a husband, if that man is a womanizer or hurts you physically and emotionally, she is supposed to suffer it because husband is like God.

She doesn’t get support from her own parents or relatives. If she suicides because of problems in her family life, her parents and relatives will do all the death rites perfectly in order for soul to get liberation since it is not a normal death. She is supposed to belief if she dies before the death of her husband, i.e., if she dies as Sumangali, she is lucky. She has to be a mother in order to fulfil her life as a woman (I heard this many times in life). She will attain liberation only if she has a boy child who or another boy of her family has the right to do death rites and not the daughter.

Even if changes happened over the years and she got chance to study, earn a job, etc., still she has to suffer a lot in the name of discipline. She is supposed to keep the good name of family and traditions and she has to silently suffer many things. She shouldn’t question elders, especially father, husband, and in laws. Still in many families, she doesn’t have the freedom to wear the cloth she likes. Due to all this, she gradually loses the power to react.

Even though my parents are educated and giving me and my sister freedom compared to other girls of our family, I and them disagree in many matters regarding our tradition. They say me even if I couldn’t understand certain things, I should follow it because they and all others in family followed this. I am changing each day and learning new things and taking strong steps. Even though certain things hurt my parents, I have to change for my well-being and have to inspire other girls/women to change for their well-being and safety.

Since I couldn’t blindly approve the marriage system and my bad experience with a relationship, I still remain unmarried and made Almighty as my husband who is the only one I trust as a woman. While I travel alone in places I do not know, where I face language barrier, my Almighty comes in different forms to help me. I believe wholeheartedly in my Almighty who saved Markandeya from death, Prahlada from his own father and also saved Draupathi while her 5 strong husbands were helpless. I am on the path of truth and justice and whatever happen I will go forward only.

Be Strong Dear One

Speaking truths even in decent words,
You’re prone to cyber attacks
Toxic minded people have the audacity to attack you
If you are in a certain religion and you do something differently,
You’re prone to cyber attacks
Some toxic medias are here to spread rumours about you
If you are in a certain caste/gender
And living in certain areas of India,
Dear ones, you’re prone to attack
Medias and some celebrities post fake show-offs in your name
Law here supports the wealthy
Law here supports the one with political support
Crime against children are increasing in numbers
Victim’s life and well-being is largely affected,
While the culprit in most cases roam freely looking for another prey
Even if someone got under law, they will be in jail for few years and come out
Law needs strong evidences to prove someone guilty
Your pain and tortures you have undergone doesn’t affect law
Law is blind and has heart made of rock
Greedy investigators and doctors doing medical tests/autopsy speak in support of culprit and not for you
Yet, dear one, be strong, fight for yourself, support others too
Our country needs honest and strong minded people more in numbers
Speak out in your own way
Support the needy in your own way,
By keeping in mind you have the power to change your destiny
Let the hard experiences sharpen your intellect
Let the toxic behaviour of people make you more strong
May you learn new skills and earn a living
Let the time heal your wounds
Let the time do the revenge for you in the court of Almighty

Few Solutions for Unemployment Problem in India

Yesterday I saw in Twitter and today in the front page of Newspaper about Congress party of India celebrating National Unemployment day in India yesterday on our prime minister Modiji’s birthday.

I have seen photos of educated youngsters standing with Rahul Gandhiji on his way of Bharat Jodo Yatra. Let me tell you I am not against or supportive of any political parties. I am discussing here about unemployment problem.

I am from a middle class family with both parents government servants and both retired from good positions. From my school days I heard teachers and friends telling me it will be easy for me to get job as my parents are in government service without knowing the reality of examinations and interviews to pass through, political interference, caste preferences in government job sector etc.

Since we are in forward caste, we need good marks to earn a government job. I also had hard times during school days because of my parents’ transfers, busy job, holiday duties etc. even though they earned well. Since both of my parents are honest and sincere in their works and against corruption, they had to face few issues at offices too which they faced strongly there, but we children only saw their stress. Due to this from my teenage I decided not to join any government service in Kerala.

I earned my Microbiology graduation and during my last year of graduation, earned a job in Technopark Trivandrum by applying in Naukri.com and undergoing tests and interview. As soon as I finished my studies, I joined the company for training and got job there.

After some years, I did my MBA in marketing through ICFAI through distant education and applied and got a good earning job in another MNC in Technopark. There were four rounds interview and then client interview. But due to continuous night shift, my health got bad and I had to resign from there. I then worked with my earlier company manager from home and earned well.

Due to change in work policies and contracts, we lost that work and we had hard times with less work. I then joined Tea Tasting course and got a job in Tea Industry. After three weeks in that job, I realised the dirty politics, gender inequality, and backstabbing culture there and I resigned.

I then tried building up my own tea brand “Compassionatea” and started seeing experiences real challenges of an entrepreneur in Kerala where we need to give money to many government officials to get licence to start a business here and also lots of tests. On the other hand, worker wages are high too and difficult to get a good worker. I then decided to do my tea business on own while rejoining my Medical transcription job.

I had to compete with big Tea brands and just selling tea once in a while now when I get an order online. If I have to put my Tea on shops, I have to give them money to promote my brand. Lots of money included and I decided to do online sales only.

During all this time, I have talked with people from different fields and found there are ample work options in our country, but the problem is dirty office politics, caste based partiality in government jobs, manipulating bosses in private sector, shift system, etc. I also found those students who are bright in studies and also with average marks, but having good interpersonal skills getting jobs as soon as they pass out.

It doesn’t matter if you have doctorate in a subject and lacks good communication skills and also unwillingness to work in a field different from your studies. Lots of MNCs are here and recruitments happening. One can apply, undergo tests and interview and if not getting a job, take it as experience and earn some skills and apply next job. No one is here to give you jobs. You have to earn it with your effort.

In the beginning, pay may be less in many jobs, but with experience you can earn more. Also, you may try other jobs too with your experience and knowledge. It’s just foolishness and waste of your time writing only government job exams. You can definitely give it a try and if you don’t get it, try other jobs and in between write the exams.

Here in India, we are still depending on other countries for many things. With our educated and skillful youth, many things can be produced here. One can start growing vegetables/fruits organically and sell at good prices in cities. One can work in shopping malls. One can work in food/medicine/essential goods delivery. One can make homemade food/cosmetics/crafts etc and sell at exhibitions, online etc. One can start YouTube channel and get good revenue from it if you have good contents.

Lots of options are there to have a job here and earn well. Learn skills apart from the studies, have a mindset to put efforts to do any work, think differently. There are customers with good spending capacity and for a quality product/work, they will be ready to pay well. Try different options.

I hope this can help someone who is jobless right now. It’s not easy, but with effort and skill, surely you can get a job and earn a living and grow through it if you have an open mind. Stay positive, we are all here to support you.

A Serious Matter

It is frustrating to see some spiritual leaders, religious teachers, and school/college teachers are sexually abusing children and women. More frustrating is our Indian Law with its long procedures and loop holes which help culprits to escape and the victim not getting appropriate justice. More sexual frustration is seen among spiritual people and men above 45. Is it due to any hormonal problem among them? Or is it the influence of cheap and easy internet availability and mobiles, films, social medias? Or is it the influence of so called “bold, modern” celebrities (both young and old) showing skin in less cloth and posting their photos in social medias?

Human Birth is an Opportunity

Dear one, listen to the silence of your heart

See the eternal light there which may sometimes felt blurred by thoughts

Realize it is only blurred and not went off and won’t be off any time

Some may tell you, you are just a human and it is okay to fell into wrong things

Let me tell you, it is normal to fall being a human

But being a human, you also has the opportunity to pick yourself up

Don’t lie on the ground feeling helpless and hopeless

Pick yourself up as soon as you can

It was just for a moment you fell, which became past in no time

Unless you give it a power, it was just a dead thought

Evolve yourself each moment as this is the opportunity

There is none other than you yourself can do that for you

Just stay guided by the light of your heart which is always there to help