Dance of Fireflies

Sweet little ones dancing in dark

Smiling at me

To draw my attention, a darling one came near me

Followed it’s path with eyes, I saw their dance

Just two stars in sky, cool breeze, and dancing fireflies

Thanks beloved lord for this beautiful night 😊

Thank you fireflies for the dance party ❤

Recognize the Treasure

The blissful silent presence

Effulgent ever

We all possess in our hearts

The only possession we have as we ourselves as that

Rest all are different coloured paintings on this mirror

Which will be washed off by the tide of time

Recognize this treasure which nothing could take away from us

Watch at the mirror of consciousness without thoughts

At least in the silence of night or at the moment of wakeup,

Dissolve into that mirror by just looking at it

And experience the richness of limitless bliss 🙂


At this moment, I just feel to do this

Before my dears, I am confessing from my heart…

After being silently observing and giving chances and seeing no change in the behaviour of some people, I have blocked them from my life completely and very few partially. I may continue to do so until I learn to stay unaffected by anything or anyone. I hold certain values very strongly – like authenticity, sincerity, openness, honesty, self-responsibility, and no gossip talks about anyone. Compromising these values for anyone put me in lots of stress and I decided not to compromise these values for anyone even though they are very much dear to me. Yes, I feel much sadness in doing so, but I do so without hating anyone. I talk openly and tell them what I could not compromise and after seeing no change, I accept the person as it is without expecting a change in them. Those particular things may be right for them and they do not find anything wrong in their behaviour and may be absolutely fine with it. Let it be. I respect that. Initially, I feel pain in heart to move away, but also I do not feel to lose peace of mind, time, and energy for such behaviours and I just move away without any arguments. It’s ok you can judge me like whatever you wish to. I learnt not to care such judgements.

Even though I move away from them physically, in my heart, I hold them dear and pray for their good and sometimes think about the good memories I had with them. Thus, slowly I come out of the grief I feel by parting from them.

Now, more and more, I am enjoying solitude and silence and feels it is important to me like breathing 🙂