Bliss of Co-existence 😊

Pic: Waterlillies in pond at Saigramam

Seeing me in you and you in me,

What a lovely connection we have

Some of you eat the leaves of plants among our garden

Many of you live in leaves, trees, plants, water, air, space and soil here

We all enjoy the nourishment from earth together

We all have important roles and none is inferior to other

When I watch you, I can see me in you and you in me

On a broad sense, we are one, aren’t we dears

Don’t fear me while I come near you to look into your eyes with love

My heart fills with joy when I experience our connection

We all share this beautiful planet living our unique lives

Let us have this blissful co-existence everywhere,

For we are one, always one 😊

Joy of This Moment 😊💫

Watching the stars and breathing in space,

I disintegrated into sparks of light

Being the space, I watched each spark shining

Breathing in and breathing out,

I realized the breath which went out may not come back

I smiled at this thought enjoying this beautiful moment 😊

Just be…just be 😊

Cooling Darkness

Crickets singing sweet lullabies

Breeze flowing gently

Plants, trees, birds and butterflies sleeping

Sun being gone to visit other side,

Moon along with planets and stars,

Welcomed the darkness

Walking on terrace watching stars and,

Enjoying the lullaby of crickets,

I am breathing cool air of darkness

Thanking the stars and moon for cooling light to see the darkness 😊

Being Coward 😊

Seeing my life from outside,

Hearing one or two instances in my life,

You call me coward, risk averse

I feel tensed and confused at times

I get stressed out and get sick

I sit sad for a while and cry

I may sound lost and hopeless

It’s fine, I’m happy to be called weak

I believe in intuitions and checking things in detail

I ask different opinions when things are not clear to me,

But take the final decision myself

I put time, energy, heart and money if it really interests me

I value peace of mind and physical health more now

Than the future fat wallet or high position I may make or reach

Walking through different routes,

Learning different things at different time,

I learnt what I really need and what it really matters

It’s okay to be called coward by being myself truly

For at the end, it’s me and lord in my heart

Happy to be called coward than living with a fake happy face 😊

Newness is Here, Now

With each breathe we take,

We are inhaling a new life

Understanding this simple truth,

Be happy each moment

Be blessed each moment

Be healthy each moment

We can make new changes in us with each new breath

New year is a beautiful drama 😊

It’s the game of numbers – time and year

Yet, breath is true as it’s life itself

Enjoy both mindfully 😉