Stillness has the magic of dissolving pain
Stillness has the magic of dissolving stress
Stillness has the magic to refresh
Stillness is a path to bliss
Each moment holds the gem of stillness
just to be found and experienced πŸ˜ŠπŸ•ŠοΈ


Hidden in between the space of two breaths,
Hidden in between the space of two thoughts,
Bliss is here
Here and now πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈπŸ™

In Nature

Peek-a-boo!! I saw you Mr. Chameleon
You don’t need to hide from me
Trying to change into colour of hibiscus leaves 🌿
I saw your rolling eyes πŸ‘€
I won’t catch you or hurt you lovely one.
There comes joyful fluttering butterfly πŸ¦‹
She quenched her thirst drinking Hibiscus honey 🌺
Nature filled with orchestra of birdy musicians 🐦🦜πŸ₯
Sunny is this lovely Sunday β˜€οΈ
Sky so nicely blue and clear 🌫️
I treasure this moment of solitude in nature☘️
Drinking the nectar of bliss.

Solar System – An Astrological View

Pic Courtesy: Google Images

I’m writing this at the request of my dearest blog friend Chiru who inspired me to write a poem on nine planets and Sun and Moon. Though I love all of them, I don’t have much knowledge about the planets other than their astrological sides which I read from books and heard from people. So, I thought to write this poem (not quite sure whether this can be called poem :P) depicting the astrological sides of Sun, Moon and the nine planets.

Fatherly Sun smiling with open hands
showers love and teaches to stay strong
Motherly Moon shining with love and compassion
reminds us to be kind to oneself and all beings
Child-like Mercury watching world with innocent eyes
fills us with curiosity of a child
Gorgeous Venus looking with seducing smile
helps to create off springs through love
Lively Earth filled with all resources
nourishes all her children micro and macro
Energetic Mars is ever-ready for adventures
fills us with courage and power
Teacherly Jupiter is taking care of all knowledge matters
inspiring us to come out of all illusions
Karmic master Saturn is teaching tough life lessons
for us to follow justice along the path
Innovative Uranus is inspiring us to experiment new things
to make life interesting
Psychic Neptune is blessing us with intuitions
helping us to look within
Pluto, the little one is destroying old patterns and encourages renewal.