Sun remains unaffected by rising and setting

Even though it appears rise in morning and set in evening

Moon remains unaffected by waxing and waning

Even though it appears full moon and new moon

Similarly soul remains unaffected by changes in body nor mind

Even though it appears in the circle of birth and death


Tangy Beetroot Salad

Tangy Beetroot Salad

Today’s discovery of a healthy and tasty salad – Tangy Beetroot Salad.


Beetroot grated – 1

Raw peanuts – A painful

Raw mango grated – 1/2 (if less sour, you may use full)

Grated coconut – 3 tablespoon

Salt – Per taste

Method of preparation:

Soak raw peanuts in water for 1 hour. Mix well grated beetroot, mango, peanut, coconut and salt. Tasty, colorful Tangy Beetroot Salad is ready 😊

Heavenly handsome my dearest lord πŸ˜ŠπŸ™

Picture from Sri. Kazhiyur Varadan’s blog
Tribhuvanakmanam Thamaalavarnam
Ravikaragowravarambharam Dhandaane
Vapuralakakulaavruthaana naabhjam
Vijyasakhe Rathirasthu Me Anavadhya

Beautiful among three worlds with the blue colour as sky

Dressed in yellow attire which is like the yellow light of rising sun

Beautiful tresses covering the shining pretty lotus face

Friend of Vijaya (Arjuna), may my heart be always attached to you

Beautiful prayer by Bheeshmacharya to Bhagavan.

Today I am very much blessed to read about Bhagavan and my dearest Ramanujacharya’s bhakti through Sri. Kazhiyur Varadan’s blog. This mesmerizing picture caught my mind and I’m sharing this for you all here. Please check this beautiful blog for reading his divine posts about Bhagavan: https://wp.me/pbiwb-76x

May we always experience bhagBhagav presence in heart. Om namo narayanayaπŸ˜ŠπŸ™

Eradicate Recycled PLASTIC to save Green EARTH….

If only we all stand together and realise this and change ourselves, the change will take place effectively. Please read the well written post by Mercury Twin.


Dear Blogger Friends,


I am sure most of you not seen these pictures below for sure. I strongly decided to publish this pictures here to alert you and family with friends how dangerous is recycled plastics which we are using in daily use in kitchen, office and every where. Please view the below pictures and imagine the water bottles pet jars and kitchen utilities that we are using is made out if this rubbish plastic which was thrown out and repacked with out cleaning them. Its a very big trading and third world countries are buying this scraps and sending for recycling and re use the toxin filled plastic which cause many unknown troubles to health. Please do watch your small kids water bottle once after seeing this pictures and imagine micron poison entering the innocent kids and females at home.

Recently many countries are banning the use…

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Dissolved in Embrace πŸ˜Š

While I call you as Narayana,

While I call you as Arunachala,

You smile gently within my heart

Before the thought form and then words form

Even before the life force vibrate for the thought,

You are there watching and knowing

When I say, oh my dearest lord,

I feel the embrace in myself

I then fall into deep silence and bliss

Dissolving the “i” in “I”

Power of Present Moment – Yoga Vasishta

Image Courtesy: Google images

Yoga Vasishta is a philosophical work describing Advaitha (nondualism) very beautifully through slokas and stories. Sage Vasishta explains the methods of realizing Self and liberation to Lord Rama. Lord Rama felt the life meaningless in his teenage even though he lived in the middle of luxuries. Sage Vasishta helps Rama to realize the self and thereby relieves his sorrow. This is a very short introduction of Yoga Vasishta to all those who are hearing it for the first time.

One of the beautiful sloka in Yoga Vasishta which caught my attention is the following which explains the power of present momement awareness.

“Varthamanamanayasam Bhajathbhayadhiyakshanam
Bhoothambhavishyadabhajadyadi Chithamachithatham”

Meaning: Gently, effortlessly keep the focus only on the present moment and not allow it to go to past or future. Thus the mind becomes non-mind.

Only the present moment is what we have. Past has already passed and Future is yet to come. Worries, tension, depression, anxiety, and all those feelings affect the mind only when mind travels to either past or to future. Present moment is bliss only. Present moment is blissful because mind, intellect, nor ego can touch the present moment. Mind disappears in present moment. Time and space disappears in present moment. Mind is alive only when there is thoughts and thoughts are alive only by thinking about past or future. When there is no thoughts, mind disappears. When mind disappears, what remains is “I” only. That “I” is bliss. With words, I can explain this much only. It’s a beautiful blissful experience. May we all experience this at this very moment dear all. Try gently, effortlessly and experience the bliss here and now πŸ™‚

Love Unconditionally

Today I got spare time after my work and house chores. I just searched for children movies in YouTube and watched this wonderful movie “Archie” I watched it with tears of love. Such an awesome movie. For those who haven’t seen this movie, I’m sharing the link for you to watch. I’m sure you will love it dear ones.

Movie of Unconditional love

Blessed moments ahead dear all πŸ˜Šβ€πŸ•Š

Smiling Beauties 🌻

Kanikonna flowers

We are the daughters of sun

We bloom in sunny spring

We delight the eyes and heart

We are the smiling beauties

We spread smiles and love

From our hearts to yours,

Let the smile and love flow

Let them flow unconditionally, uninterruptedly 😊❀

Why is human quotient getting lost?

A very meaningful article to share with parents, elders and kids. Reblogged from sunniesmybunnies.wordpress.com. It’s a very beautiful blog dear friends. You check her meaningful and beautiful writings and you will love it 😊 blessed day dear all

Sunnies My Bunnies:)

Running behind life,

Catching up breaths,

Aiming to make more and more,

Are we forgetting less is more?

Wandering between desks,

Staring at our screens,

Struggling with our dreams now bigger,

Are we missing on life’s little treasures?

Boasting of being connected,

Thousands of emails to check,

Hours spent texting and messaging,

I ask,Are we really talking?

Phones talk on dinner tables,

Mental maths has taken a toll,

Gadgets have replaced family values,

The question remains, Are we even caring?

Now eyes don’t meet in person,

Neither is laughter shared in real,

In pursuit of higher Intelligence

Are we ignoring the Human essence?

When humans remain no human,

Technology replaces emotions,

Grannies don’t tell stories any more,

Kids ask questions to β€œAlexa” more.

I know it all, thanks to Google,

The mind has forgotten to doodle,

Life’s become so dependent,

And we call ourselves independent.

In pursuit of higher IQ

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