Eradicate Recycled PLASTIC to save Green EARTH….

If only we all stand together and realise this and change ourselves, the change will take place effectively. Please read the well written post by Mercury Twin.


Dear Blogger Friends,


I am sure most of you not seen these pictures below for sure. I strongly decided to publish this pictures here to alert you and family with friends how dangerous is recycled plastics which we are using in daily use in kitchen, office and every where. Please view the below pictures and imagine the water bottles pet jars and kitchen utilities that we are using is made out if this rubbish plastic which was thrown out and repacked with out cleaning them. Its a very big trading and third world countries are buying this scraps and sending for recycling and re use the toxin filled plastic which cause many unknown troubles to health. Please do watch your small kids water bottle once after seeing this pictures and imagine micron poison entering the innocent kids and females at home.

Recently many countries are banning the use…

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36 thoughts on “Eradicate Recycled PLASTIC to save Green EARTH….

  1. An important topic you have shared Krishna.. Kudos to Mercury twin.. Plastic has been a disaster to nature and mankind.
    Tamil Nadu has recently banned it guess…
    Happy Ugadi Krishna..

    1. Yes Chiru, Tamil Nadu recently banned it and doing it almost successfully, but Kerala is yet to learn how to do it successfully even though ban is here too. Happy Ugadi to you too πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‡πŸŒΉ

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