Krishna and Tulsi

On seeing sadness on Tulsi’s face,

Krishna asked, “My dearest, what happened?”

She looked at the face of her beloved,

Bowed her leafy head to his blue foot

“You know everything my lord,” said her

“Yes dear, I know and I want you to know that,

You don’t have to worry thinking about your purity

When a fishbone fell accidentally on you

Which is from a flying crow’s beak”

“But lord, it is a dead body” said sad Tulsi

“So, what my dear? Do you think it make you impure?”

“No, no my dear, your heart is always filled with me

You always think of me and recite my names

Don’t you know I am present in everything

It’s in wordly life, some things are categorised as pure and some as impure

But in both, I am present

In living and non-living, I am present

In dynamic and stationary, I am present

Nothing can make you impure other than your thoughts

Mind is illusion my dear, be wise

Do not get caught of strings of useless thoughts

You are not just a plant, you are me, myself

Me, your lord is above the norms of purity and impurity

I am the soul in all living beings and matter in the non living

Nothing can touch me, my dear

Being me, mine, my dearest, stop worrying”

Saying this, Krishna hugged the Tulsi plant

She is filled with limitless bliss in divine hug

16 thoughts on “Krishna and Tulsi

  1. apavitraha pavitro vaa, sarva vastam gatopi va
    yah smareth Pundarikaaksham sa baahya abhyantaraha suchihi —– what a beautiful poem explaining this. Thank you! Jai Sri Krishna! Tulsi Mata ki Jai! πŸ™‚

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