Disease Prevention Etiquettes

Good morning dear all 🙂

In the face of the recent Nipah outbreak and spreading of different types of fever (due to rainy reason, poor waste management systems in our State, people’s careless attitude towards personal hygiene and etiquettes), would like to share with you the following:

Proper coughing and sneezing Etiquette



I would like to add the following pointers:

  1.  In home, put used tissues and facial masks in waste baskets and put those in fire.
  2.  If you do not have tissues and is doing the sleeve sneezing, remember to disinfect the site of sneezing with hand sanitizer (it will evaporate off within seconds and won’t leave the site wet).
  3.  Use hand sanitizers as they are more effective than water and soaps in killing microorganisms.  They are cheap and available in small bottles, easy to carry in your pockets/purse wherever you go.
  4. Take leaves when you are sick and take proper health care measures.  This not only helps yourself to cure, it also prevents spreading of disease to others who you may come into contact with. While you are sick and spit mindlessly on road or use public washbasins, toilets, etc., through your body fluids, disease causing microbe come out and you are unconsciousnessly spreading your illness to another person.
  5. Relatives and friends should understand a sick person needs rest and by showing your love by visiting them and touching them, you are giving yourself a chance to get infected and then spreading the disease. You can call them in mobiles and share your love and supports.
  6. While taking care of a sick one, try to minimize touch as much as possible and use a facial mask (available in all medical stores).
  7. Take good care of yourself with immunity enhancing foods and healthy habits.
  8. Take good care of your little kids and old parents/spouse as they have more chances to catch a disease.
  9. Put fruits and vegetables in a solution of hot water with salt and vinegar or baking soda or salt and turmeric for 30 minutes and wash them properly and use. For fruits like apples, mangoes, etc. after washing, peel off the skin properly and use.
  10. Never pick up and eat half eaten fruits/vegetables from under trees or fruits/vegetables with their skin teared.
  11. Nothing to fear if you take good care of yourself and your dear ones with good personal hygiene and take medical help when you and your dear ones get sick.



Thanks for reading..have healthy days ahead.

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